After nearly four years, our monthly surprise box will end with the February MY+ BOX. Many of you loved it, and we were also very happy to select design objects from talented domestic artists into a thematic selection each month.

In the renewed NONPLUS collection, this popular line will not remain without a continuation, we are preparing an exciting continuation in a new form and with new content, the details of which will be revealed in the near future! We will also present the contents of the last MY+ BOX, because we have found great products for you this time as well:

A striped viscose version of our seasonal LAO top is available from our own collection: this popular style gets an exciting new character with the striped pattern, we're sure you'll love it!

In addition to the top, the February box included two products from Honest Toil . The Honest Toil family business originally came from the UK and Hungary and fell in love with Greece when Tom's family moved to the town of Kyparissia in the western Peloponnese. Suddenly they found themselves in charge of a small olive grove - they consulted neighbors at the local tavern about harvesting techniques and discovered Armenios' oil press, where they soon became regulars. This is how the first batch of their own olive oil arrived: the freshest, greenest, grassiest flavor they had ever tasted.


For their extra virgin unfiltered olive oil, the tiny Koroneiki olives are pressed within a few hours of hand-harvesting at a plant a few miles from the plantation in the Greek village of Kyparissia. It is extremely clean, its acid content does not exceed 0.3%. With its full, aromatic taste, it is also perfect for salads, sauces and cooking.

In addition to olive oil, Juli makes vegan soaps in her workshop in Peloponnese using unfiltered, cold-pressed olive oil from their own small fields, other valuable vegetable oils, herbs grown in their garden, sea salt and clay. It continuously improves its recipes based on your feedback. The large, average 160g bars of soap last a long time and are suitable for gentle but thorough cleaning of the entire body.

Customers of our February MY+ BOX can also try these unique, all-natural soap specialties!