2023 is a year of renewal for NONPLUS. 
Throughout its fifteen-year history, NONPLUS has learned that the constant need for renewal, change, development, and the ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances are essential for successful and authentic operation. Just as in our personal lives, fashion introduces new perspectives and preferences, continually shaping the brand's image and values. Today, collections are the result of the ongoing work of a design team, with the team members' professional perspectives and personalities collectively shaping the character of NONPLUS.
Year after year, Hungarian fashion brands face increasing pressure from the fast fashion industry, significantly influencing consumer attitudes and compelling all fashion industry players to compete with weekly-changing offerings and almost constant discounts. Quality, longevity, preference for local resources, conscious wardrobe organization—in general, sustainable thinking—do not play a role beyond marketing in this model. We don't want to operate this way; we don't want to sacrifice our creative energy, quality, brand character, and uniqueness for it. Therefore, in the second half of last year, we decided to take a different path. A path where we can remain true to ourselves at every step, a path where we don't have to make unacceptable compromises, a path where we can still guarantee excellent quality to our customers, and a path where, we hope, we can establish an exemplary and inspiring operating model in the Hungarian fashion industry.
We design, model, cut, sew, and package NONPLUS products here at home. We strive to source the necessary materials as close as possible, and we are especially proud that the professionals working in the Budapest workshop can perform their work under excellent working conditions. We believe that this is the only way to go.


NONPLUS's renewal this year is both in terms of form and content: we have redefined the brand character based on our current most important values, and we have chosen to pursue a slower, more conscious, sustainable, and transparent operation. At the same time, NONPLUS has received a new visual identity that is more playful, direct, and relaxed than before. Our new logo is the work of Katyi Ádám.
In the future, NONPLUS's product range will offer four plus one product groups: The BASIC line, a collection of our most popular seasonal basic styles, will remain a part of the collection. Limited seasonal styles can be found among the NEW ARRIVALS, and the DESIGN+ collection will feature accessories that represent the NON+ character. 

We believe that a slower, more detail-oriented operating mode that pays maximum attention to the small details will validate us in the long run, just like the NONPLUS models, which are designed not for the current season and ever-changing trends but for the long term, with heart and soul.