Messages have always been important in the life of NONPLUS: in the past, our collections were inspired by a motto, and these short slogans appeared many times on the clothes in various forms. As a kind "plus" gesture, these little slogans emphasized the interesting and important ideas for us, which we wanted to convey to our customers as well.

In our private lives and also regarding to NONPLUS, we create our own "divinations" from time to time, half out of play, half out of curiosity, for the interpretation of which the JI-KING fortune-telling book we use. We hide a message from the current signs in each NONPLUS piece - we believe that everyone can find something important and valuable in the randomly received signs!





Image: Mouth in a house, under a roof. This is a sign of tacit agreement. And the image of "man". In Hungarian, we talk about the "number of souls" in a village - in Chinese, the number of "mouths". Hence the idea of ​​community.

This is now the period of "with others", "together". The task of destiny is shared, and for this unity and community must be created.

"Human community in the outdoors: success.
It is safe to cross the Great Water.
Salvation is the perseverance of the True Man.

There are many types of human communities: people, families, joint ventures, armies, parties, religions, cities, communities, etc. But whatever "unity" is created in "diversity", the ancient teaching says: the basis of all true community is communion with God.

If we do not have a common point of alignment above, we cannot permanently agree with each other "horizontally" below. The herd of animals is held together by instinct, but the community of people is held together only by the Spirit - and if it is not there, then the whole thing falls apart by itself, upset by unbridled selfishness. It is no coincidence that common faith is the strongest unifying force. Nations are born with their beliefs. And if the power of their faith weakens and they lose contact with their god, the community dries up, shrivels, declines, and finally disappears from history. Interest relationships are perishable and short-lived.

This omen means that you have to solve your destiny task together with others! (Common life goal.) Maybe others feel this too. You should get together. Harmoniously. If this succeeds, your strength will be summed up, and even your most daring venture will be successful.

The first secret to creating harmony: you have to feel and recognize what you have in common. What is similar or the same , spiritually or ideologically related. This will be the point where you resonate with each other, where you will multiply each other's strength, and this will be the point where you can escape back to in the event of disharmony or the beginning of disunity, like to a safe island in a storm: in every true community there is a solid center, a miracle tree , which if we touch it, our hatred dissipates, our selfishness softens, and the peace of "togetherness" returns again. This is the Love Point. There is always something in the other person that can be loved , and if we find our way back to it, like a magnet, it pulls us together from the separation, and unity can be created again. Essentially, every true community has a foundation of love - even in a good band, the musicians have to love each other, at least as long as they play. They may hate each other after a concert - but as long as they are "into" the music, and music is in them... they should be together like lovers. They love music - also in each other. The common "god" of a good band is music, if the musician creates a community with it, he will also be in harmony with his fellow musicians.

"If two of you gather together in My name: I am with you!" This is the mystical, Christ-like meaning of this omen. If there is no common spirit, no real community is created.

The other secret reads: "It burns together with the Fire: this is the image of the human community. The True Man classifies peoples according to their nature and distinguishes beings." In other words, another secret of Unity: Diversity . Not to lump everyone into a common mass (as communism imagined), but to preserve everyone's own face, dignity, character, ability, beauty, unique, special talent. No two leaves are the same on the same tree, yet - and that's why! - grows big. Where we are equal , we will be strong; where there are many, there are rich. This is even typical of a good football team: there is a common team spirit, a common goal, a belief in "everyone for everyone" - and with it eleven people with completely different characters and abilities , who in other areas of life might not even be able to understand each other.

The psychological goal: creating our inner unity. In this sign, people are more irritable, temperamental, and hysterical. Only the light of self-knowledge can organize the many Yang forces. Nothing "instinctively", everything "consciously"! The forces of the soul are brought together by well-known life goals. Those who have no purpose: fall apart. But everyone always has a purpose in life: at best, they don't know about it.


"Today's man - says Béla Hamvas - is not ready for community... The titanic Ego in man seizes every means to break the community." We experience this every day. Our egos are overdeveloped to such an extent that we are unfit for real social life. This is your task now. The answer to your question: to cooperate with others! Recognizing that this is a common thing. We have to reckon with each other's fate now. The omen is encouraging. It offers success, and the fact that you should go for it, boldly, because the situation is promising - provided that the rising egoism on the part of anyone does not destroy the unity. And one more thing. The "human community" we are talking about here is beyond all group interests. The fact that people meet "in the open" means that neither interests, nor prejudices, nor "worldviews", nor religious affiliations play a role here. God here does not mean a Reformed or Jewish "god", but the Eternal One , the Tao . And in every human being, the one with whom I have a connection and whom (or what) I can love in him . The fact that two people share the same religion does not mean that they can live in a real, lasting relationship with each other. Only if they associate with each other at the point where the ego no longer has any interests or "convictions" that work. (The story of Romeo and Juliet is about how in a world completely incapable of community, a real community of fate is created between two people. Such a story is not necessarily a love story! During the war and the Hungarian War of Independence in 1956, I experienced many cases when people held hands , who might have been enemies under other circumstances. And they often died side by side, like Shakespeare's heroes.)

What we have to recognize in " Tung Zen " is that it is a community of destiny. A task that not only I, but also others have to account for: a common goal . Each trait is about the extent to which ego (selfishness, detachment, factionalism, lack of openness and devotion) hinders harmonious cooperation.


1. Socializing outside the gate. No error.

It must be opened. You need to get out of your closed world. This is the first condition for finding companions.

2. Association with (cung) clan spirit. Embarrassment.

" Cung " originally meant a tribal, racial, family interest association.
But it can also mean that certain doctrines, "doctrines" or beliefs bring people together. Self-interest always works behind such "communities", and that is why sooner or later they are disgraced . Such "clans" always live against others . Whatever they lie about, such groups are not led by the Spirit ( the Tao ), but by greed, which is the instinct of the "Darwinian animal man": to take from others in order to have it for me, for us! Here, egoism forms a faction and breaks up the community.
Often in such a way that he lies to himself that he has the right to do so because he is right. You are not right! Just like a human soul, a community can also resemble itself. In such cases , everyone loses, but most of all the one who caused the comparison.

3. He hides his weapon in a bush. He climbs a high hill. It does not rise for three years.

It is a familiar situation in party politics: mistrust and cunning try to overthrow the strong leader. However, it is weak for this - it divides the unit for a long time. The comments tell you to calm down. Don't riot!

4. He climbs the high city wall, but cannot attack. Good luck!

After the failed rebellion, this is now the opportunity for reconciliation. There are still partitions between us, but there is no more war, and this is an opportunity to create harmony. Neither aggression nor cunning destroys unity; everyone knows where their limits are, and they don't cross them. Maybe he respects other people's boundaries too - and that's a big thing. Certain self-defense and recognition of the self-defense of others is necessary even in an ideal community.

5. Those who belong together first cry and then laugh, just as the soldiers of an army are brought together by the joy of bitter struggle and victory.

A typical story of many folk tales: after great trials, the boy and the girl become each other's. Trials are necessary. We realize afterwards: they are fateful. You have to fight for true harmony. This trait says: fight because it's worth it! Even if you despair sometimes. Joy is the realization that we "belong".

6. Community in the meadow. No regrets.

Any "community" that is not based on universal love is only a shadow of the real one. But you have to accept it. Nothing on earth is perfect. Something is always missing: the "golden age" sunk deep into our souls. All our relationships work only on certain "planes". It's like that too. No problem.





Pictogram: "Vang" means "liar", "false", "self-absorbed", "foolish", "desirous", "cheat", "restless". The image of the Vang depicts a woman who has set off after some kind of seduction. And "Vu" means "without" all these.


Just follow your true, inner voice! To do this, you need to get rid of everything that is the work of your anxious ego: your fears, prejudices, inhibitions, the bad habits of your past, and the incessant longing for what the future will bring. Don't look into the future! Live here and now!

The omen indicates a dynamic situation where we have to follow our spirit. (Below is the Thunder - above is the Will of Heaven.) The order of the omen: get rid of your ego's reign of terror! Act freely, selflessly! Such an action is called "spontaneous". But unfortunately, this is misunderstood. When one frees himself from the control of the ego, his action can be as animal and instinctive as it is free and spiritual. The inspired artist and the brave samurai act just as "selflessly" as the self- forgetful man who follows his animal aggression or flees "headlong". However, freedom is only up! This omen suggests that you follow your spirit. However, for this you need to regain your natural childish state free of judgments and inhibitions, the openness that you have lost. Live in the present! Here and now! Don't wait for the future, don't be oppressed by the past: trust in God's will!

For Christians, this is the moment when you don't have to ponder, because the "Holy Spirit tells you what to say and do!" There is no need to formulate, plan and especially worry. Let yourself go, and you'll realize that you shouldn't always stir, drive, bustle, strive: the current of fate drives you, and the good wind blows. If you can keep yourself in this state, you will have "sublime success". But only if you don't expect it! If you keep rolling the anxious-longing prayer apple of your mind, you will be unlucky!

A person does the most for his future when he doesn't even think about it - if he lives the present moment as if it were the Whole! Your future will be made up of these present moments resolved with complete dedication - almost by itself. If you look ahead, you steal your attention and strength from the present: you sow carelessly, and therefore your harvest will be pitiful. According to Confucius, those who sway back and forth selfishly, worry and hope, those who follow their ego, "lack the will and blessing of Heaven in their actions." You must get rid of everything that is not your true spiritual purpose. You have to get rid of the bad habit, the ambition, the ego spasm - you have to find the voice of your true being.


Let everything happen by itself! Don't interfere because you'll spoil it!
This is what the Vu Vang horoscope advises. This does not mean to be completely passive, but to act inspired. Poets write their most beautiful poems inspired. Such poems are born almost by themselves.
If they intervene with reason, ambition, and calculation: the work will be distorted and its quality will drop. And one more thing. Every poet finds his own voice when he writes inspired! And not when he follows various theories or gives birth to his poems with painstaking efforts. You can only glimpse your own true nature if you act selflessly. This is when you are truly yourself!

Otherwise - under the control of your ego - you don't dare to be yourself. To the question of how to be inspired, Vu Vang gives a negative answer: it says: you have to get rid of your "liar", "measurer", "craving" self, and inspiration will come out of you! If you want to get off, you have to throw away the sandbag. If you knew how many things that were going well in your life you have ruined, just because you listened to your impatient, greedy and calculating self: you would be shocked! You ruined the work of angels because you went after the head of the conch. If you follow the advice of the omen, many unexpected events will appear in your life. Partly because someone who forgets himself really doesn't "expect" anything: he lives in the present. On the other hand, because you encounter truly unknown things, new cases, unexpected events, and accidental turns. (How accurate is the Hungarian word: an accident is something we did not "anticipate"! This does not mean that it appeared illegally out of nowhere, just that we did not think it would happen this way.) You don't have to prepare for the unexpected . If it's good: you'll be happy about it. If it's bad: you get over it or solve it. Those who are self-forgetful (spontaneous) have almost unlimited ability to solve their fate. What would otherwise be tangled for years or permanently entangled, he now solves with a few moves.


1. A spontaneous act is salutary. Go ahead!

The first tremors of the "heart" are good news. It can be a new goal, a new plan, a new acquaintance. What is starting is encouraging. We have our first "intuitions" in which we can foresee not only the beginning of a journey, but even the end.

2. If you don't think about the harvest while plowing, if you don't deal with the utilization of the field while weeding, then you should undertake something.

Don't wait for the future, reward, result. Forget about what you're doing, don't want to get rich quick!

3. Undeserved bad luck. A tied cow may be a gain for the wanderer, a loss for the city dweller.

Those who live unselfconsciously (spontaneously) take even bad luck easily and quickly ward it off. He does not despair, in fact, he may think: "This will still be good for something!", and draws strength from it. But if you're a "city dweller" you cling to trouble and mourn the loss.

4. He who is steadfast remains blameless.

Your true self is indestructible, unkillable - no one can take it from you. If your inner Sun is constantly shining: you have no reason to worry! Don't listen to anyone but your own resources.

"Man's true nature is divine and strong!" says Vivekananda. "Be true to yourself!"

5. If you are afflicted with a disease in which you are innocent, do not use medicine, it will heal itself.

In ancient China, "healing" also meant "joy". The artificial should not spoil the natural. The human should not corrupt the divine. Just fix what you broke. (Many "diseases" are like that!) Examine whether you are guilty. If so: fix it. If not: let the case resolve itself! If you don't, you'll make it worse.

6. Spontaneous action. Every step is wrong. Nothing is promoting.

Keep calm. If you listen to your "inspiration", you are not doing anything now. Wait!


(Note: I didn't write about martial arts tactics because this omen describes the basic mental attitude that a fighter must have at all times. It is difficult to achieve, it requires a lot of work. However, here, presumably, even in us, ordinary people, this " "spontaneous action" is the secret. Like a flash. Like a suggestion! Like a moment to which we say: "soul-presence". We all have intuitive experiences. We can't hold on to them for long at most. But it flashes and we experience how effective it is. and everything works "by itself" in this case.)





Image: Big Man - and a weapon and a strong servant. This later became a sign of the intellectual caste.


Power is gathering. It can be life force, spiritual force, spiritual force..., in any case, it is an inner force that acts and inspires and brings you to greater and greater power. "High Power is a favorable omen." "Man's true nature," says the sage, "is divine and strong." What is weak in him is wrong desire and wrong thought.” Whether you're aware of it or not, your powers are building rapidly and it radiates from you. Your environment can feel it too. Be careful, because you have an effect on everyone, and if you don't realize this, you won't realize that what you're experiencing is what you're causing in people. If you are cheerful, they will be cheerful; if you are anxious, they are anxious..., if you are nervous, everyone around you will be restless and disturbed - because your influence is strong.

Your creative forces gather and strive for realization - the deed is worth it! -, the only problem is that the enriching energies are not in balance . There is a lot of Yang and little Yin - and therefore there is a danger that you will abuse your power . Several features with the symbol of an erupting goat warn that the accumulating forces, if not controlled with prudence, calmness and humility, can cause serious damage. We all abuse our power. This is our original sin. One of the most common human sins is when we oppress and exploit others. When we are not strong, but violent! The violent person not only destroys the lives of others, but ultimately also his own life: He rules by oppressing the other, and both of them get involved in this.

There is no "winning" oppressor! The other - also common but hidden - sin is when we do not recognize our own strength. He who does not know that he creates with his every thought, and deceives himself by thinking that he is weak and vulnerable, is also sinning against himself, because he forgets his divine origin. Your plans will pay off. It is helped by external and internal forces. To do this, you need to know that: " The True Man does not take a path that does not correspond to tradition." This tradition says: Power: service! The stronger you are, the more power you have, the more responsible you are for others. And the one who is at the top has no "self" - he serves with all his actions and thoughts - he even takes his last breath for others. (Think of the power of Jesus!) The one who serves himself is violent - and this is where the greatest failure is possible. The sign is encouraging and at the same time a warning: the driver of a racing car with hundreds of horsepower has increased responsibility.


Every action has its timeliness. You can act with the greatest efficiency when your powers are at their peak . In physics, this is the explosion point. They thicken up to that point, and from then on they thin out: the climax is the moment when the accumulated energies explode into action. Incidentally, this is also the martial arts advice of this omen : the characteristic of the act that explodes at the climax is that it is precise and calm. Those who do not experience this can easily become convulsive, violent, hysterical, impatient, reckless, and hasty.

This very promising omen warns of the danger of "over-eagerness", "impatience" and irresponsible violence (dominance) towards others. A really strong person hardly does anything - yet everything around him is realized. A person who is not aware of his power is constantly busy, wanting, taking action, interfering and hardly achieving results. What he fights for himself is vulgar, contrived - in many cases it is also harmful. An Indian sage said: a bad traffic policeman points with his hands and feet and makes a big mess - the other just waves with his eyes and things go well around him. This is the Great Power. Focus this power! And realize your goal, calmly and patiently.

The hidden message of the omen speaks to the Magician in you: you can make your creation come true, but you are responsible for it. You can live and abuse it. Let God's will be done - through you! Real Power works without being noticed. It's just there, they don't know who did it or how. The sign of divine Magic is that it is imperceptible. Because whoever cultivates it is invisible. He acts from another dimension. And he doesn't come out for applause.


1. Strength (power) in the legs. Moving on: bad luck. Keep your honesty (Jou fu).

It's too early to act. Gather more strength! The word " Cheng " originally did not mean a further advance or an action, but rather the launch of a "punitive expedition". And " Jou fu " did not mean "honesty" but "support of good spirits". Namely, with loyalty, with the harmony of the ego and the Self. In other words: the good spirits are with you, but wait for the time of the deed. If you start early, you will quickly get exhausted because you will run out of energy.

2. The way is open to you.

You can go. The signs are encouraging. But be steadfast and keep your "center" - the calmness of your heart. (The secret of an effective action is that one does not get lost in it: one keeps a cool head, balance, and clarity even during action. Difficulty does not worry one, success does not make one enthusiastic.)

3. The common man abuses his power. The True Man uses a net (void). Going further: trouble. The goat kicks the hedge and its horns are damaged.

The ego not only creates trouble when it has already reached its power, but the path leading to it also creates ugly, heavy karma. The True Man will triumph here by "non-action". "God's net," says the wise man, "has large eyes, yet everything hangs over it." Don't do anything now. Be empty. Nothing is yours - least of all power. Even if you get it , you don't get it for yourself.
The most beautiful statue of Buddha depicts a throne with no one sitting on it. The more powerful
you are, the less you use your power.
The one who breaks into you is an ordinary person - he only brings trouble and makes enemies.

4. Troubles and sorrows cease. Constancy is salutary. The hedge opens, no interruption. Power rests on the axle of a big car.

An encouraging prediction. You are no longer driven by your ego, but by your inner being. The axle of the cart is invisible, yet it can handle large weights. One who deserves power is never seen. The obstacles are slowly disappearing. You can go. When we realize that nothing is ours: we get it.

5. He abandons his Capricorn nature and changes easily. No regrets.

You're not anymore- you're crazy and violent. You know the "water" tactic: you overcome resistance by patiently and softly adapting; you turn your sails with ease. Go with the flow.

6. The buck pokes the hedge. Neither forward, nor backward, nothing furthering. You can get ahead with hard work. (The error is not long-lived.)

You want, want, want again and again - and in the end you can't move on or back down. You have become a slave to your own evil. It is impossible to move on: all tension, will, desire and ambition only tighten the knot. Work here means downsizing. You have to stop the faulty mental magic, the longing or even the practical hustle and bustle. Stop, get rid of your obsessions - and wait for the good time.