This time, we are dedicating a longer article to show you how we work - where and by whom NONPLUS clothes and accessories are made, so that you can see how many dedicated and talented hands each piece goes through from the creation of the designs to the arrival of the order to our customers. Visit our sewing room with us and get to know our employees who create your favorite clothes.

In connection with the renewal of the brand, we would also like to offer a glimpse into the work process in the sewing room, since these high-quality, long-lasting models would not be possible without the dedicated cooperation of the sewing room employees.

NONPLUS products are made in Gaál Emese's sewing room. We have been working together with Emese and his colleagues for years, and every day is spent in constant communication and coordination, so that every small detail during the production of the many models and collections is completed perfectly and according to plan. The logistics and production preparation department of NONPLUS also operates here: we plan - organize, make tailoring samples, tailor, sew, iron, and pack all at the same time.

So how is a new style born?

The first step is, of course, ideation and planning - now collections are created as a result of the continuous work of a design team. This is followed by the development of the plans, in accordance with the concept of the given collection. We select raw materials for the designed models and order material samples - in order to find out whether an idea works in reality from the imagined raw material, we have to model the drawing and make a sample piece from it. If the sample fits the idea, we order hundreds of meters of raw material for the given style, and the tailoring can begin, but if it is not as we imagined, we will modify it until it is perfect. It is a long process before everything turns out as we imagined, but the end result is worth the effort, because it is a great joy to see how a dream becomes a reality. :)

Among other things, the tailoring samples of the NONPLUS models are made by Juci in the sewing room, after a lot of modifications and consultations, on the basis of which the sample pieces are prepared - based on this, the product sheets and, once everything has taken its final form, production can begin. The production is completed based on the assortment submitted by the design team, which includes the name of the collection, the number, quantity, and supply requirements of the given models. The standards are born as a result of very precise and precise work in the tailoring department led by Enikő. From here, the tailored pieces are sent to another department of the sewing shop together with the sample pieces, where again, as a result of the precise and careful work of diligent hands, they are sewn and provided with the appropriate accessories, parts, labels and size markings. The final element of the sewing process is ironing, which gives the clothes their final, beautiful fit and style. After that, the quality of the finished pieces is checked, from where they enter the logistics department of NONPLUS. This is where, under Bea's leadership, the products are stocked and packed, and here the girls prepare the packaged products for delivery. After that, the products are sent to the central warehouse of our logistics partner, from where the domestic and foreign orders are delivered to the customers, that is, to you! :)



The journey of a product is indeed very long, while it can appear on the shelves from an idea, all of which must of course be taken into account in pricing. It is important for us to operate transparently and for our customers to see and understand how much work, energy, small details, organization and costs are behind the creation of each piece. Of course, we cannot quantify this for every piece, but the items in the list below are all included in the retail price of a product:


    • Planning
    • Modeling, pattern sewing
    • Procurement of basic materials (textile, thread, zipper, button, patent, additional parts, etc.)
    • Design and production of tags and labels (branding, size markers, advertising materials...)
    • Production costs - tailoring, sewing, ironing, supplies, packaging
    • Overhead cost
    • Wages of employees
    • Logistics and storage costs
    • Rent cost
    • Marketing, PR, photography costs



Sustainable operation and the use of local resources are very important to us - we are proud that the professionals working in the sewing room can carry out their work with respect under excellent working conditions. We are very grateful for the work ethic that is precise and pays great attention to small details, which becomes tangible in the quality of NONPLUS clothes. The logistics, marketing, PR and other background work of NONPLUS is carried out by a family-friendly team, so the work of the hardworking hands behind the products turns from personal stories into a lovable brand, where every small detail, gesture and manifestation reflects the spirit of NONPLUS, which we all proudly represent .

We will soon introduce other members of the NONPLUS family, so that you can gain an insight into the other work processes that take place outside the sewing room in the life of the brand.